Episode 1: The Adventure Begins

Our adventure began with our characters JohnDeere, Stumbleduck, TomBradi, and Helm Hammerhand arriving in the Port of Karsiss. The customs guard noticed something different about these characters and took them to see Baron Demeter Also. A conversation with the Baron Also revealed the kingdom of Avon is constantly battling bandits, goblins, orcs, and all kinds of evil at its borders. The baron’s sage, Malthus, has been researching a sword of the Pelor to help bring some balance back to the kingdom against evil. Giving the adventurers a map, he revealed several locations which could possibly hold the sword. Adventuring through the crown mountains east of Karsiss and Montahue, the characters found a path leading to a monastery. This monastery has been here for five hundred years and was a brother clan of JohnDeere. Now abandoned, the monastery was taken over by a small force of goblins. After several hard fought battles especially against a shrieker, they finally overcame the goblin boss and his posse. A small stash of loot was found as well as a broken sword hilt inscribed with Arcane Runes which they have yet to discern the meaning of.


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