Kind Jarthan Oondarth

King of Avon

Level 10 Artistocrat.

High Wisdom, chr and Int. Average Physical stats


Third In line for the throne in a Kingdom in the far west. He took any inheritance he might have had with his father and struck out on his own. This kingdom has been built in his own vision, but not necessarily with his own hands. He has seen his kingdom grow and now has let it function on its own while maintaining authority. A strong man in his youth, the throne has made him soft, but has sharpened his wit to that of a mastercrafted blade. He currently has no queen or sons to inherit his throne but he always had this eyes out.

Appearance- Mid fifties beer gut thick black hair. Clean Shaven. His strong facial features are offset by his softer body. Traded his armor in for regal robes of blue and gold.

Kind Jarthan Oondarth

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